Greetings all,

I hope you all had a terrific holiday season.  Bowling is back in full swing (it’s been going the last couple of weeks as well, but nothing really exciting to write about) and we got a 4th member for our team and I think that will work out very well.

So, why was it the best night ever?  Well, I had a couple of personal bests.  First, all of my games were over my average so that’s always a good thing.  Second, I had my highest series ever: 633 (for a 211 average for the night).  Now, that by itself is enough to make me happy and fairly proud, but there is more.

My last game was absolutely incredible.  I opened up with the first 9 frames as strikes and had a perfect game going into the 10th.  Well, rather it was nervers, freak release, combination of it all, I didn’t finish the 300 game.  I ended up with a 4 spare 8 in the tenth to finish with a 272.  Even in practice, where I normally average about 10 pins higher than league, I’ve never broken 270 before.  The game got really exciting after I got the first six strikes in a row, also a first for me.  I feel good that even after the nerves started kicking in that I continued to strike for a few more frames.

These are the types of nights that make bowling really fun and keep you coming back.  Now to find a way to do that kind of thing more consistently.

Have a great day!