Final Fantasy XII Box Cover


That’s all I can do to explain the very best video game I’ve ever played. I had grown up on the original Nintendo and loved the Zelda series ever since. I had never gotten into Final Fantasy at all until Final Fantasy XII (FFXII) was recommended by a friend at work.

I asked for it for Christmas, and of course, my wonderful wife got it for me. I’ve been working on the game ever since (mainly while Kylah’s working) and I have been completely amazed. The story is engaging (follows a Star Wars-esque theme in some ways). The character development is incredible for a video game. The graphics were awesome, even still on the PS2. The gameplay is innovative yet challeging. Music and cutscenes helped set the mood throughout.

The game has a complete re-playability, one of the things I loved about the Zelda series; the ability to go back after time and replay the game. When I do come back and re-do FFXII sometime, I will use a guide of some kind and do all of the side quests as I’m sure I missed a ton of them.

I’ve never been amazed by a video game such as I have with this. If you have a PS2 and like RPGs at all (even just a little), I completely recommend this game.