This has got to stop… Yet another girl has gone missing and the suspect is a registered sex offender.  How many more of these need to occur before the liberals in this country understand that they are releasing sex offenders way too early.  Most of them should never be released; especially those that are ranked as “highly likely” to commit the same crime again.

Is it just me, or has common sense yet again left the building?  If you release someone knowingly that they are likely to commit the same crime again, shouldn’t you reconsider releasing them?  But no, instead we create a freaking list and tell them that they have to register themselves on this list.  Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

The people that are committing these types of crimes aren’t going to be rehabilitated.  Sorry, it won’t happen.  Their punishment should be banishment from society for life.  Whether that is in prison or in a hospital can be determined on a case by case basis; but to let these sick minded individuals back on the streets is reprehensible and as a society we are then all culpable for their actions.  It makes me sick.

How many more stories like this must we see before we change the way these criminals are handled?  I personally believe that being convicted of a sex crime against a minor should incur a lifetime sentence without the possibility of parole; along the same lines of murder in the 1st.  Even though the victim(s) may be alive, they certainly have had their original, innocent self murdered and those responsible should have to pay accordingly.