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Monthly ArchiveMarch 2008

Life by Spencer on March 25, 2008

House Hunting – The First Month

Greetings and salutations to all of my loyal fans (I think I may have 3 or 4 out there),

The last month has been quite interesting as we take on a new adventure; finding a new house. Nearly 4 years ago, we went through this exercise in an extreme seller’s market and bought a small house at a high price. We’ve have spent some time and money and have turned it into a home that we truly enjoy now.

But the market has changed qute a bit now. With all of the sub-prime mortgage woes, the market here has drastically shifted from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market and there are good deals all around. We are in a position to at least look into these deals to see if any work for us. Overall, so far we’ve scoped out about 25 or 30 houses over about a month. We were starting to get a little discouraged since we couldn’t find a good match between floor plan and location yet.

We are going to be very picky this time. Since we don’t have a need to move at all, if we’re going to, the house has to be nearly perfect for what we want. Most of the houses available in our price range and area are bank repos; which are very much a crap shoot. People can get angry when they are losing their house and often times ruin carpet, walls, and even smash in doors among other items in the house. Our budget is such that either a house has to be VERY cheap where we can spend some money to fix things up or has to be in great condition that won’t need much work. Until yesterday, there had only been two houses that were remotely possible and neither were perfect.

Yesterday some of that may have changed. We went to see around 7 houses and 3 of them were possibilities. The first is quite cheap and needs all new flooring and paint, but the floor plan is spacious and I could picture us living there. The 2nd was a nice house with an owner still occupying so they probably wouldn’t come down into our price range. The third is nearly perfect! Great house (over 2600 sq ft.) in a very nice neighborhood. The price is a touch out of reach but since it is a repo, we may be able to negotiate. Seeing this 3rd house trumped the 2nd so we are currently looking into putting an offer on one of these 2. We will go back today to get a better look at the non fixer-upper and if it is something we still like, we will write up an offer and see where it goes.

Overall, this is a much better situation since we are much more in control and aren’t in a matter of need like before. I’ll keep you posted if we offer on either of these houses or as more viewings come along. Take care, all!

Bowling by Spencer on March 13, 2008

I’m Back!

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been pretty quiet about bowling lately and that has been for one primary reason… the last two months have really been bad. Ever since my great night (and best ever) on January 16th, I’ve not had one night over my average. Until last night… and it all just seemed to click again.

I bowled a 603 series and had two games over 200. My release was smooth and consistent and for the most part, my targeting was good too. Even in the middle 162 game, most of my strike shots were decent with a couple of bad breaks with splits.

Here are my scores for the season; you’ll be able to see what I mean about my slump.

Week Date Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Series Series
1 09/05/2007 129 184 135 448 149.33 149.33
2 09/12/2007 146 205 267 618 206.00 177.67
3 09/19/2007 153 155 245 553 184.33 179.89
4 09/26/2007 155 204 207 566 188.67 182.08
5 10/03/2007 172 150 214 536 178.67 181.40
6 10/10/2007 220 195 182 597 199.00 184.33
7 10/17/2007 163 200 185 548 182.67 184.10
8 10/24/2007 171 206 158 535 178.33 183.38
9 11/07/2007 204 181 149 534 178.00 182.78
10 11/14/2007 168 186 186 540 180.00 182.50
11 11/28/2007 193 236 183 612 204.00 184.45
12 12/05/2007 158 141 164 463 154.33 181.94
13 12/12/2007 157 172 193 522 174.00 181.33
14 12/19/2007 151 180 183 514 171.33 180.62
15 01/02/2008 0 0 0 0 DNB 180.62
16 01/09/2008 193 223 169 585 195.00 181.58
17 01/16/2008 227 237 177 641 213.67 183.58
18 01/23/2008 138 204 192 534 178.00 183.25
19 01/30/2008 177 184 171 532 177.33 182.93
20 02/13/2008 147 169 170 486 162.00 181.82
21 02/20/2008 0 0 0 0 DNB 181.82
22 02/27/2008 167 153 177 497 165.67 181.02
23 03/05/2008 140 193 121 454 151.33 179.60
24 03/12/2008 209 162 232 603 201.00 180.58

I’ve also gotten my average back up over 180… dropping below that was a real shot against my ego for this season. There are only 8 weeks left that count toward average so achieving my goal of 190 for the season is well out of reach. If I can get two more series in the 600’s and none in the 400’s over that time I’ll be pretty happy.

Games by Spencer on March 5, 2008

GOTW – Balloon Invasion

Balloon Invasion

Game of the Week – Balloon Invasion

I know that it has been a while since I’ve had a GOTW entry and for that my apologies.  This latest game is something I found online in the last couple of days and am currently hooked.  This is a cross between a Tower Defense like game and a shoot ’em.  You’re primary goals are to destroy all of the balloon enemies while protecting your primary turret.  Throughout the game you earn prestige and this allows you to upgrade your main weapon as well as purchase the ability to use other weapons and support defenses.

The game isn’t overly complex and is fairly easy to get the hang of the controls and options.  However, the levels can get quite difficult and over time it is not just good enough to beat a level; you have to do so while excelling in order to earn upgrades for the next levels.  You are able to go back to previously conquered levels to attempt to get a higher score and ranking.