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Life by Spencer on January 31, 2009

New Year’s Resolutions Update

In my efforts to maintain my New Year’s Resolutions; I want to give the following update on all three:

  • Daily Devotional – I’m still finding it harder on the weekends than the weekdays so that is something still to work on.  On the weekdays, I do it nearly first thing in the morning; that isn’t as easily an option as often times I’m getting Connor up first thing.  Perhaps on weekends I should do it just after putting Connor to bed.  I hadn’t thought of that before but will try that from now on.
  • Weight Loss – This is still going well.  I weighed in at 204.6 tonight so another 3 lbs or so this month.  I will be excited if / when I break under the 200 mark, but still have the goal of 190 by year’s end.
  • Bowling Blog – I missed this past week of bowling so nothing there.  I hope to post again on Thursday after this week’s league session.

So, overall I’d give myself a B-.  Still areas to work on going forward, but want to remain accountable so I will continue these monthly updates.

On a couple of other quick notes:

1. NCAA Tournament site for 2009 is taking shape.  I’ve added in new visual styles for results and picks viewing that took quite a while to build but helps make the site even more dynamic and will allow me to reduce the amount of data that I have to FTP each time there are updates.  I’m more excited about March Madness than many and really hope the website does it justice this year.

2. This president is just doing a bang up job, now isn’t he? He’s everything I hoped for and so much better (exchange hoped for feared and better for worse, of course).  Nice job on an $800 billion stimulus package where almost all of it is just bloated spending and has no chance of helping the economy.  Here’s an idea: get out of the way and let the economy fix itself as it usually does.  The last time a president tried to fix an economy through wreckless spending we sunk even more into the Great Depression.  I just hope we don’t need another world war to get us out of this one… any more and I should make this a topic by itself. 🙂

Take care everyone!

News Opinion by Spencer on January 20, 2009

Innaguration Day

Most, if not all of you, are very aware of my political views so I’m not going to go into my reservations regarding Obama’s policies and proposals.  I’m also not going to look back at the last eight years to discuss the Bush administration.  I wouldn’t be changing anyone’s opinion.  Instead, I’m going to focus on the innaguration itself and the over the top coverage.

Think about it in all of your lifetimes, has the innaguration of a new President ever been covered this much?  And for what?  I understand the historical aspect of the first black President and I respect that; but it isn’t like we’re celebrating a hero coming home from war.  It’s a change of President, something that happens every four to eight years.  This isn’t any different.

Some news agencies are anticipating this far beyond what expectations should be.  A CNN reporter stated that they expect the words from this speech to be carved into marble!  He hasn’t done anything yet in his entire career, let alone anything great to start planning a monument to him.

The news is also constantly reporting that we need to rally behind Obama.  Where has this been for any other President?  You didn’t hear this before Bush in 2000, or even Clinton in 1992.  I know the media is biased, but this seems to be a giant whirlwind of supposedly objective reporters trying to be a part of history.

The bottom line is he is just a man; his race means nothing.  He hasn’t accomplished anything yet, and the expectations that have been set are going to be very hard to meet.  Of course, to the media, he can do anything (or nothing) and will meet those expectations in their mind.

Bowling by Spencer on January 9, 2009

Now If Only I Can Do That In League

After a long day of calls, I had to take a late lunch and decided to get some practice in after Wednesday night’s poor performance.  The scores were as follows: 192, 182, 236, 259, 249.  The first two games were warming up and trying to put into practice one very valuable piece of information someone gave me on Wednesday… more on that later.

The last three games, I had a total of 1 open frame and if those would have counted, would have given me a 744 series (my first in a three game set of any kind).  So, what was this piece of very valuable information that helped today and hopefully can in the future?  I was told to “throw my second ball first”.  Apparently, to no real knowledge of mine until pointed out, I was trying too hard on my first ball, but had a nice relaxed swing and release on any spare ball.  So, today, instead of trying to guide or muscle my first throw, I just picked my target and went.  I didn’t try to add extra speed or revolutions.  The result; more consistent throws that hit harder.

Now, I know this was one practice session on one particular day and previous results don’t predict future outcomes; but if I can try to remember what I did (or really didn’t do) today, hopefully that can translate to better scores when it does count.

Have a great weekend!

Bowling by Spencer on January 8, 2009

New Ball, Same Troubles

So, this isn’t a great start to the revival of the bowling blog.  Last night we lost all 7 points (3 games and total pins) to our opponents, who were great fun to bowl with so that’s a consoloation.  The nearly one month layoff really didn’t help my scores:

Week Date Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Series Series
1 09/03/2008 163 125 176 464 154.67 154.67
2 09/10/2008 171 171 166 508 169.33 162.00
3 09/17/2008 158 205 178 541 180.33 168.11
4 09/24/2008 194 161 203 558 186.00 172.58
5 10/01/2008 211 197 190 598 199.33 177.93
6 10/08/2008 188 202 212 602 200.67 181.72
7 10/15/2008 179 244 209 632 210.67 185.86
8 10/22/2008 158 206 191 555 185.00 185.75
9 10/29/2008 188 178 217 583 194.33 186.70
10 11/05/2008 0 0 0 0 DNB 186.70
11 11/12/2008 179 128 193 500 166.67 184.70
12 11/19/2008 191 156 173 520 173.33 183.67
13 12/03/2008 226 154 227 607 202.33 185.22
14 12/10/2008 139 190 180 509 169.67 184.03
15 01/07/2009 183 147 160 490 163.33 182.55

Ouch, a 2 pin drop in average for one week.  Not good.  I was using a new ball, but that wasn’t the issue entirely.  I kept trying to hard.  I have a tendency to try to guide the ball which ends up taking away any power and drive.  When I start to do that and notice, I tend to over correct and throw the ball hard.  Usually I can make smaller adjustments and work out ok, but last night kept going from one extreme to another.

My spares really did me in.  Other than the times I had splits, I missed 2 easy spares in the first game, 4 in the second, and 1 in the 3rd.  That’s a total of 7 missed easy spares in 20 opportunities.  If I made those, that adds approximately 70 pins to my series and gets me to my average.  I know what I need to really practice on: smooth arm swing letting the ball do the work and spares.

I hope you all have a good rest of the week and weekend!

Life by Spencer on January 1, 2009

New Year – New Resolutions

Greetings to all of my friends and family and Happy New Year.

I’ve never really been big into resolutions since most I’m sure are broken each year.  But for some reason, I feel like setting some this year.  More importantly, to help hold myself accountable, I want to make mine public.

Here they are in no particular order of importance:

  • Daily Devotional – Most days this past year, I would read “Our Daily Bread” online.  I want to make that more of an automatic habit each day.
  • Continue to lose weight.  My all time high was 263 lbs about 3 years ago.  Since then, through moderation, and don’t laugh, bowling, I’ve dropped about 55 pounds to around 208.  I would like to continue this trend even though it may start getting tougher here soon.  If I could be around 190-195 by next year, I’d be ecstatic.  I will settle with going under the 200 mark since I can’t remember when.
  • Bowling Blog.  I hope to start it back up after next Wednesday’s night.  While I’ve kept track of scores, I’ve not done much reflecting and that always helps to improve.

Those are the three things I want to work on most this year.  Hopefully I’ll post more regularly too, and the bowling posts should help out with that.

I hope everyone has a healthy and happy New Year.