I’m just sitting here in my cubical looking over my projects and out of no-where, I hear *crack* *boom*.  Thunder in Vegas!!  This doesn’t happen often, and when it does, it’s normally only during monsoon season in the late summer so this is amazing enough to begin with that I decide to take a look outside to see how much, if any, rain is coming down.

Well you guessed it by the title, I didn’t see rain, but rather a snow/sleet mix.  Again, in Vegas??!?! In Spring?? That’s just crazy!  I’ve seen my fair share of snow, I’ve seen my fair share of thunder showers, but never have I seen snow coming down with thunder before.  It’s freaking me out a little!   After the warm January/February I didn’t think I’d see snow this season, but I have now with thunder to boot!

Of course, like all storms in Vegas, this one too has passed quickly, but it was interesting to see/hear.

Catch you all later!