Today is the day that illegal immigrants are going to show us how important they really are.  This should and hopefully will completely backfire.  If I owned a company that employed anyone who will not work today (legal or illegal) they would be FIRED if they don’t come into work.

Let’s look at this in different areas.

First, if you are here legally, the immigration reforms don’t affect you!  Stop whining and complaining.  You are here, enjoy it, be happy, and feel blessed for you are in the greatest country in the history of the world.

Second, if you are here illegally, you have no rights!  You are breaking the law and should be sent back from where you came from.  No exceptions, no five year amnesty law, nothing.  Go back and when you get your stuff together, re-enter legally.  I have no problem with people coming in and following the appropriate procedures so by all means come in legally.

Third, stop following like sheep.  Most of the people that aren’t coming into work today don’t even know what the proposed changes are.  And back to step two, you don’t have the right to protest anyway.  All the protests that started a few weeks ago would have been a great way to round up a good portion of illegals and deport them.

Fourth, who came up with May 1st as the day to walk out???  Who actually sat down and thought that the Soviet holiday of May Day was a good day to pull a silly stunt like this?  Yes, let’s pick a Soviet holiday to show our illegal solidarity.  Insane!

And to the point that they’re trying to make; that they’re all important to the U.S. economy, they really aren’t.  Illegals do the work that “Americans won’t do” or so we’re told.  Bullshit!  They take jobs away from Americans who can’t get those jobs because illegals are taking them all away.  If they want to show their importance, come into the country and make a contribution to society legally.  All of the money illegals are making is going back to their families in Mexico.  How does it help the U.S. economy to take money made here and export it without any benefit to this country?

So, go to work, or go back home, when you’re legally here, then I’ll listen to what you have to say.  For now though, become legal or go back home.  And to the ones here legally already, go to work, this doesn’t even concern you.

Being here illegally doesn’t make you an immigrant, it makes you a criminal and you should be deported until which time you make the effort to come in legally.