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Life by Spencer on May 21, 2008

House Hunting – We Signed!

So after the last two months of looking, submitting offers, waiting on very slow banks, and a lot of headache and frustration; we finally signed our paperwork yesterday afternoon.  We still have to wait a bit for (you guessed it) the bank to sign their part but it looks to be a done deal.

Our original plan had us moving today but that can’t happen so now we’ll look to move near the beginning of June.  Hopefully nothing more will hold this up.  Once we move we can more aggressively market our current house for rent or sale.

I’ll be so glad when this is all over.  I really thought the buying process would have been easier this time than last.  It wasn’t… different headaches, but still headaches one after another.

Life by Spencer on May 2, 2008

House Hunting – Moving Forward

Greetings all.  Major things have started going with the new house.  The bank finally signed documents and we are in escrow.  All that is left in the air is how fast we can close and fixing one (hopefully minor) plumbing issue with the kitchen sink and hot water.  We hope to have that resolved today and all can continue.

Our closing date isn’t known yet, but should be no later than May 19th.  I’d like to close any time next week if title and loan documents can be ready by then.  Then we can quickly transfer utilities, buy appliances and move in!!  Once we move in, we’ll thoroughly clean our current house and touch up paint here and there.  If we can be fully moved before a business trip I have at the end of May, I’ll be ecstatic!  Things are finally starting to come along which is great.

Personal Note to the J: My excitement is back and you can be excited to look for your own house once again. 🙂