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Monthly ArchiveNovember 2006

Games by Spencer on November 28, 2006

Do You Like Riddles?

A friend of mine sent me a link to a site that is a set of riddles.  So far they’ve been fairly fun and challenging and I think they could take up far much more time than they probably should.  If you enjoy puzzles where one answer leads you to another puzzle, check this out:


If you need any help, there are forums with all spoilers removed to the best of the authors’ ability.  I am also willing to help where needed, of course leaving out spoilers myself.

Leave a comment and let me know your progress.  Up to this point, I’ve finished the first 10 and have taken a break.  Have fun!

Bowling by Spencer on November 16, 2006

Average Night

Good morning all,

Last night was a strange night, and I’m just lucky it kept me around my average.  Apparently, they waxed the floors Tuesday night and everything was very slippery.  During practice a lot of people were sliding more than usual.  To counteract this, I put on a more sticky surface on my slide foot and boy was that a painful mistake.  My first (and only) attempt during practice with that I got stuck on my last step and fell face forward onto the lane.  Luckily I was able to break my fall without hurting myself at all.

Unfortunately, it made me timid the whole night and I was rolling the ball with little purpose or focus.  The ball wasn’t hitting the pins as hard and it left me with some tough spares.  I would also throw my spare ball lightly and that caused me to miss more than I would have expected.  Overall, I was right around my average with a 170, 159, 168 output, which is good considering the off night.

As a team, we didn’t bowl below our average but still lost 5 out of 7 points to the other team.

I was saddened when the J didn’t show up as the replacement for my fallen teammate so I guess I’ll just have to ask the league to find someone. 

On a much better and more serious note; today is our 4th anniversary!  I can’t believe we’ve been married for 4 years and more so how much more I love Kylah now than ever before.  My life with her is better than I could have ever imagined my life before I met her.  I love you, honey!  Here’s to many many more to come.

Take care all!

Bowling by Spencer on November 9, 2006

A Decent Night

Greetings to all,

Last night was a decent night (178, 188, 146 – 512 series – 170 daily avg) so that was pretty nice.  The main reason for the good scores (and the one bad one) is that I had my thumb holes tightened up a bit.  This allowed me to not squeeze my grip as much which gives a much more consistent delivery.  However, my thumb swelled up a bit the third game and I couldn’t use my spare ball anymore and had a hard time converting spares.  I will leave things as they are for next week, but if it’s still too tight I’ll open up the hole just a little bit.

The big story of the night, and this is truly amazing, is that there were two 300 games bowled by two different people durning the second game.  One guy was on a lane on the opposite side of the bowling center, but everything stopped once he had 11 strikes.  Then about 10 minutes later, a guy on the pair of lanes next to me bowled a 300 and again everything was focused on him.  I’ve not seen a 300 bowled at all in league before personally, and to see two of them is pretty impressive.  Oh, to have one 300 game in my lifetime would be great.

As far as my team goes; the individual who was most likely quitting did in fact quit so now I have to find a replacement.  I thought I had one but that fell through as well.  I know there are other teams that had people left so there may be a way to combine some of those so we’ll see.

As always, have a great rest of the week!

News Opinion by Spencer on November 7, 2006

Bad Night for the GOP

Well, after 12 years of controlling both houses of congress, the GOP has lost the House and the Senate is too close to call and may be for quite some time depending on what happens in Missouri, Virginia, and Montana.

As most of my friends know, I’m quite the conservative Republican; and while I continued to vote that way for the Senate and House races in my district; I feel that the GOP has really let me down in many ways.  Most, if not all, of the ideals that took the GOP to the top starting in 1994 have all been lost in general Washington politics.  Fiscal responsibility is something that seems to be forgotten (and that is spending outside of Military spending, which I am 100% for).

Also, at least since Bush has been in office, the leadership of both the House and the Senate haven’t been leading at all.  Even with the President, it was their requirement and duty to lead with the conservative principles that got them (and continued to get them) elected in the first place.  That has been missing the last 6 years.

If we end up with a Democratic House; slightly Republican (or tied) Senate, things could get interesting as split party congres like that will make things difficult.  However, regardless of what happens in the Senate, the Democrates (gulp!) have a mandate and the public has given them the opportunity to try to lead and get things done.  I don’t see that happening and while Nancy Pelosi Speaker to be has stated that the House won’t spend a lot of their time investigating or trying to impeach Bush, don’t count on it.  It has been the mission of the Dems for the last 6 years to ruin Bush; not because of his policies and their disagreements for them, but rather some personal, deep-seeded hatred for him as a man.  I hope that Ms. Pelosi can keep her party in check and deliver on that promise.

The only good that I can really see out of this is when there are conflicting parties among the different branches of government, nothing tends to get done.  Most of the time nothing is better than what Congress does accomplish and while I had hopes in 2002 when Republicans had control of everything that many conservative legislation initiatives would pass, there wasn’t much; and the tax breaks that did pass still came with increased pork spending in government so no real long term benefits.

Congratulations again to the Dems; and to the Republicans; if you ever want to win back support among the voters you have to get back to a fully conservative base as right now there isn’t anywhere for us to look to right now.  The Democrats, with few exceptions, are too liberal and support too many increases in the size of government.  Some GOP members state they are for smaller government, but all recent evidence is to the contrary.

For the record, outside of the tightly contested races where I felt my vote truly counted, I voted for a third party candidate.  Generally, I would vote for the Independent American party (known as the Constitution party in most states).  This is the first time when I didn’t vote straight Republican across the board.

We need a government that understands that it isn’t the government that makes this country work; it’s the people.  It always has been and always will be.  Government, by it’s very nature, opposes the initiative, innovation, and imagination that is needed to create new ideas, products, and services to really help the people of this country.  I don’t expect much out of the next 2 years; or really just 1 before we start trying to elect our next President.

I’m sorry for all the rambling; if I took more time, I’m sure I could have posted a much more coherent and nicely flowing essay.  But hey, English was never my best subject; and I’ll admit at this moment I’m tired and sad and just don’t want to proof read my post. Hooray to all of you who actually read all the way through this.

Bowling by Spencer on November 2, 2006

Tons o’ Fun

Wow!  Bowling last night was an absolute blast.  Barring the fact that one of my teammates will probably quit (more on that later), I had one of the most fun nights at bowling I’ve ever had.  It’s amazing how things change based on the team you’re bowling against.  This week we were up against a team of people that work at a granite shop.  They were such a fun loving bunch and both teams just had a great time together.  That’s what league bowling should be all about.

I bowled o.k.  Not bad, but not great (176, 149, 162) and missed some easy spares, but since we were having fun, it really didn’t matter.

On a sad note, it appears that one of my teammates is going to quit.  It came as a bit of a surprise yesterday when I was told and I will have to start looking for another team member.  I understand that if it just isn’t fun and if this person doesn’t look forward to bowling each week, she shouldn’t be required to continue.  I’m a little disappointed but if she truly wishes to quit, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Have a great end to the week all and take care!