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Group Asks Congress to Adopt Five-Day Weekend

As much as it sounds like a good idea, this would kill society.  If everyone only worked for two days, can you imagine the lines at the DMV or medical practices?  Sure, different services could be open on different days to lessen it a bit, but things would grind to a standstill for those services that require lines / waiting.

The economy would be affected, but maybe not as much after a while.  Most people when working probably don’t get a full 5 days of real work done anyway, so if you only had to be in a place for 2 days a week, you could be more productive.  Of course, business couldn’t adopt a rolling schedule like independent services could; otherwise things would really never get done.  Imagine sending an e-mail to a client but they won’t be in until later in the week so it’ll be at least a week before you get a response.

I’m sure the idea behind the group isn’t really to effect change.  If they were truly serious, they would possibly push for a 4 day work week; which would have nearly no adverse side effects to economic or service abilities as each business could choose how to split up Monday/Friday off time.  I think they are just trying to make the point that Congress, for all of the money they receive (outside of PAC donations) as salary, is only in session for what works out to 2 days a week.  I’m not a fan of Congress in general and believe there should be some major overhauls in practice, but the last thing I want would be for them to be in session for any more time than they are now (do you really want them passing MORE stupid legislation?).  Also, even though they may be in session for only 104 days, they are working out side of that; theoretically; for their constituents.

I have a better overall solution… allow me to work 2 days a week at my current salary and the rest of you can all continue to work as you do (or don’t) now.

Take care all, sorry for the lengthy delay in posting.  My current bowling league ends tonight so I will post my scores for the league and how we ended up as a team.