Greetings to all of my friends and family and Happy New Year.

I’ve never really been big into resolutions since most I’m sure are broken each year.  But for some reason, I feel like setting some this year.  More importantly, to help hold myself accountable, I want to make mine public.

Here they are in no particular order of importance:

  • Daily Devotional – Most days this past year, I would read “Our Daily Bread” online.  I want to make that more of an automatic habit each day.
  • Continue to lose weight.  My all time high was 263 lbs about 3 years ago.  Since then, through moderation, and don’t laugh, bowling, I’ve dropped about 55 pounds to around 208.  I would like to continue this trend even though it may start getting tougher here soon.  If I could be around 190-195 by next year, I’d be ecstatic.  I will settle with going under the 200 mark since I can’t remember when.
  • Bowling Blog.  I hope to start it back up after next Wednesday’s night.  While I’ve kept track of scores, I’ve not done much reflecting and that always helps to improve.

Those are the three things I want to work on most this year.  Hopefully I’ll post more regularly too, and the bowling posts should help out with that.

I hope everyone has a healthy and happy New Year.