Most, if not all of you, are very aware of my political views so I’m not going to go into my reservations regarding Obama’s policies and proposals.  I’m also not going to look back at the last eight years to discuss the Bush administration.  I wouldn’t be changing anyone’s opinion.  Instead, I’m going to focus on the innaguration itself and the over the top coverage.

Think about it in all of your lifetimes, has the innaguration of a new President ever been covered this much?  And for what?  I understand the historical aspect of the first black President and I respect that; but it isn’t like we’re celebrating a hero coming home from war.  It’s a change of President, something that happens every four to eight years.  This isn’t any different.

Some news agencies are anticipating this far beyond what expectations should be.  A CNN reporter stated that they expect the words from this speech to be carved into marble!  He hasn’t done anything yet in his entire career, let alone anything great to start planning a monument to him.

The news is also constantly reporting that we need to rally behind Obama.  Where has this been for any other President?  You didn’t hear this before Bush in 2000, or even Clinton in 1992.  I know the media is biased, but this seems to be a giant whirlwind of supposedly objective reporters trying to be a part of history.

The bottom line is he is just a man; his race means nothing.  He hasn’t accomplished anything yet, and the expectations that have been set are going to be very hard to meet.  Of course, to the media, he can do anything (or nothing) and will meet those expectations in their mind.