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Life Spencer on January 31, 2009 09:51 pm

New Year’s Resolutions Update

In my efforts to maintain my New Year’s Resolutions; I want to give the following update on all three:

  • Daily Devotional – I’m still finding it harder on the weekends than the weekdays so that is something still to work on.  On the weekdays, I do it nearly first thing in the morning; that isn’t as easily an option as often times I’m getting Connor up first thing.  Perhaps on weekends I should do it just after putting Connor to bed.  I hadn’t thought of that before but will try that from now on.
  • Weight Loss – This is still going well.  I weighed in at 204.6 tonight so another 3 lbs or so this month.  I will be excited if / when I break under the 200 mark, but still have the goal of 190 by year’s end.
  • Bowling Blog – I missed this past week of bowling so nothing there.  I hope to post again on Thursday after this week’s league session.

So, overall I’d give myself a B-.  Still areas to work on going forward, but want to remain accountable so I will continue these monthly updates.

On a couple of other quick notes:

1. NCAA Tournament site for 2009 is taking shape.  I’ve added in new visual styles for results and picks viewing that took quite a while to build but helps make the site even more dynamic and will allow me to reduce the amount of data that I have to FTP each time there are updates.  I’m more excited about March Madness than many and really hope the website does it justice this year.

2. This president is just doing a bang up job, now isn’t he? He’s everything I hoped for and so much better (exchange hoped for feared and better for worse, of course).  Nice job on an $800 billion stimulus package where almost all of it is just bloated spending and has no chance of helping the economy.  Here’s an idea: get out of the way and let the economy fix itself as it usually does.  The last time a president tried to fix an economy through wreckless spending we sunk even more into the Great Depression.  I just hope we don’t need another world war to get us out of this one… any more and I should make this a topic by itself. 🙂

Take care everyone!

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